What is going on with the #ClearDori

What is going on with the #ClearDoriI have had many questions on what happened to the ClearDori.  I want to make this post to explain exactly what’s going on with it.

The top priorities for me as a brand was customer service and quality.  I understand the value of a the quality put into a product. When you purchase something you want it to be flawless.  I have invested a lot of time and money coming up with the ClearDori.  No matter how well I cut and trimmed the edges there were dents in the material and scratch marks that were there from when I received the packages.  I could not send out poor quality so I threw away what was flawed.  Unfortunately that was about half of, if not more, of my material that I purchased!  I wanted something that everyone could afford.  And with that in mind I was losing so much money in this endeavor.  I have been working an internship full time, but also trying to find another distributor for materials.  That is what has been taking so much time.  Which I really appreciate anyone who has been patiently waiting for me to get this together.

Along the way I will be using Instagram to give updates on my progress.  Thank you for stopping by and staying a while!  Be sure to follow me as well on my Instagram @corrineelizabeth_3 and let me know what content you would like to see here. That can all also be done in the comments section here as well.

Thirsty Thursday Mixology Wood Dice

Thirsty Thursday Mixology Wood DiceI rolled:

  • vodka
  • agave
  • creme de cassis
  • lemon
  • cherry
  • sage
  • cloves peach bitters

Since I have my bartenders license I really wanted to go all wild crazy and out with this.  I choose to be adventurous!  And roll all the dice and see what drink I could make!  There’s instructions to do 2 parts liquor and one part the other ingredients.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, but I’m a little bit of a light weight. When a drink is too strong for your liking at the moment, spritz it!  To do that just add lemon soda to taste.

These would be not only great dice to entertain guests for a fun night at your fancy shmansy bar cart you spent sprucing up, but this would be a great gift for any holiday or time of the year for the person that is too hard to shop for. Like the friends and family who “have it all”.  To purchase or look at Foodie Dice and mason jar shakers check out these wood dice.Thirsty Thursday Mixology Wood Dice

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Feelin like I’m 14 again – Retro Gold Phone

Retro Gold Phone

This is for all you 80’s kids! I mean adults, haha.  Who remembers having a cord phone in the main common areas at home and having to call friends/classmates to practice formally dressing the call and asking if the person was available?

I personally HATE talking on the phone. I always have.

I found this really cute retro phone that is available in MANY colors!  I was interested in it for it’s purpose of making me feel more professional.  Office jobs still use desk phones that have cords. If you work from home you have take your cell phone and make it feel like a part of your office’s desk environment. I also find it a lot of fun and exciting to use. It looks great with my aesthetic and takes my phone to the office professional level when necessary.

If you would like to get one for yourself please use my link.
(Disclaimer: If you discover an item through my posts that you would like to purchase, please support me and my efforts to bring you quality content by using these links.  They do not cost you anything additional and help support me.)

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Mirina Collections Review

Mirina Collections ReviewI want to talk about this necklace I just got in.  This necklace is called the ‘VIOLA‘ from MirinaCollections.com.  I am very petite in my neck line and shoulder area.  Use that as a reference to gauge the size of this necklace on you.

The piece its self is so gorgeous to me.  This necklace reminds me of chandeliers. And BOY do I LOVE chandeliers!! So of course I needed to hang one around my neck.  I like that it can ‘classify’ any outfit.  Here I am just wearing a white tee shirt and blue jeans.  You can dress the look up even more by stacking their necklaces!!  How cool is that?  The necklace feels very sturdy.  I do not feel the need to worry about breaking it during normal wear or storing it.  My next purchase will be from the VIP jewels collection.  I like having an extra ring for when I night need to take my wedding band off or I think it would make a great promise ring from a boyfriend.  Or if you are on a really tight budget it is still a beautiful engagement ring.  No one ever said you had to have diamonds.  Their styles are trending right now from a pear cut to the princess cut.  And might I add, valentines day is approaching so get your orders in now!

The company Mirina is based in Miami, Florida.  All the necklaces are handcrafted when purchased extending the delivery time.  Items take three to four weeks to make and then another week or more depend where you live to ship. (They ship internal ladies!)  That time frame will vary based on how many orders are in their que.  I also ordered mine during the holidays, haha oops!  Their necklaces are not mass produced so each one is specially made to order.

If you use the coupon code ‘corrine20’ at check out you can save 20% on your order!  That code can be used site wide!  It does not cost you anything additional by using my code, it helps support me and my efforts to bring quality content.

And as always! Thanks for stopping by and staying a while!  Be sure to say Hi to me as well on my Instagram @corrineelizabeth_3 and let me know what content you would like to see here.

Mirina Collections Review

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Learn CSS: The Basics

Learn CSS: The BasicsCSS is all about making your html pretty!  everything from the formatting, the colors, the fonts, and more.  There are two places you can store your css.  One option is inside of your html document, before the body tag.  The second option is a document all of its own.  The second way needs some explaining behind that before going on to more coding.

Creating a document of all css is really only necessary when wanting to use that stylesheet on multiple html documents.  That css stylesheet will need to be referenced at the beginning of every html document you want that style to effect.  The code in a html document to reference a css document is:

<!DOCTYPE html>

<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”theme.css”>


All of the tags you see in the list above should look familiar to you.  If not, read my html post to refresh your memory.

If you would like to keep the stylesheet to that html document only, then you can list the css attributes at the top of the html coding within the “style” tag:

<!DOCTYPE html>



There is a third option that has style attributes but are not confined to a css stylesheet.  I am referring to as inline style attribute.  I will show an example that you should all recognize from the html basics post, the body tag.

<body style=”color: blue; margin-left: 30 px;”>

I think explaining these style attributes should be saved for a later post, don’t you?  The last thing I want to do is overwhelm or confuse my readers.  Please let me know in the comments how the pace of this feels.  Thanks for stopping by and staying a while!  Be sure to say Hi to me as well on my Instagram @corrineelizabeth_3 and let me know what content you would like to see here.

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Learn HTML: The Basics

Learn HTML: The BasicsMany people believe html is hard and they just don’t understand it.  First off, I’d like to point out if you don’t want to learn something you won’t.  Your mind will wonder, you won’t be active listening to learn and even worse you’ll give up.  As long as you WANT to learn and are active listening this will all make sense to you!

I am going to just break down what you HAVE to have in code to make a complete web site.  It’s simple!  I promise!

Every html document has to start out with <!DOCTYPE html>.

Not those < and > shapes are referred to as TAGS in the coding world.  Some people refer to the shape as a carrot but the proper term is a tag.

<!DOCTYPE html> is followed by <html> on the next line.  The actual coding document starts after the <html>.  The text that is visible on a page starts after the next tag, <body>.

As a visual reference, what we have so far:

<!DOCTYPE html>

The tags above are what are necessary to start a web page.  Now lets talk about what is necessary to end a web page.

The tags listed are considered “opened” tags because we have not “closed” them yet.  For something (the tags) to work, once they are opened, they eventually need to be closed to work in the web page.  The tags need to be closed is opposite order they were opened.  The order of closing the tags is very important.  If it is not done correctly, the tags will not work.

So the first tag that needs to be closed is the last one used, <body>.  To close the tag there is a “/” inserted in front of the tags word, </body>.  That is what a closed body tag looks like.  The last thing to do to finish our basic html document/blank web site is to close the over all, WHOLE document by adding a closing html tag.  That lets the internet know that this web page is over, and to end it at that point.

The coding we have so far should look like:

<!DOCTYPE html>


I hope this made sense!  I am so glad that I can put part of my computer science degree to use to help others learn.  Please help me by listing any questions you have that were unclear so I can help you (and hopefully others as well) understand the question.

Also, stay tuned because this is going to be a series that you can learn more with.  I am going to be incorporating CSS coding as well. Thanks for stopping by and staying a while!  Be sure to say Hi to me as well on my Instagram @corrineelizabeth_3 and let me know what content you would like to see here.

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How I Plan to Scrapbook 2016

Did everyone have a fun time scrapbooking all the events of 2015!?!

What…. You didn’t have time to do a single page!?

Me niehter. Hahaha

Just kidding.  I got three pages done.

One of my goals for the year 2016 is to scrapbook every week.  I am going to schedule Sunday night to scrapbooking in my Project Life app and then remove the photos off my phone to save memory.  Becky Higgins is the queen and creator of Project Life.  I have linked her blog article below with 37 different tips to help in every aspect of scrapbooking the evolution of your memories being successful.

Scheduling time to do an activity makes it more likely it will get done.  Over time it will become a habit!  How bout that!

Oh….. and your welcome.  You’ll thank me later.

If you don’t take pictures that much.  That’s okay!  Just set aside time on the last day of every month to work on scrapbooking your images.  This doesn’t even need to contain pictures.  This can be an organized outlet for journaling.  If you are like me, you don’t have much to say when journalling, this works perfect!  From inside the app I can save my pages, like the one below, as a 12″ x 12″ or a 8″ x 8″.  Or you can send it to be printed by the company to mail to you.  Once you have the printed pages you can go out and purchase one of her binders, or any binder for that matter.  If you are a minimalist, these images can just be saved to a digital drive.

How I Plan to Scrapbook 2016

how i documented 2015 and why i’m doing it again in 2016

Launching the Release of The ClearDori


Launching the Release of The ClearDoriThis is a fauxdori.  If you are not familiar with what that is, it is simply a binder system that holds many notebooks, of various sizes, in one location and protects them.  Many accessories have been made for fauxdoris.  There is not a mass producer of fauxdoris in stores.  Instead fauxdoris are found handmade on Etsy.

I love all the designs that are put into notebooks currently.  With all the time and passion put into making these notebooks the prices are scaled accordingly.  I was thinking to myself, it is just such a shame to spend money on beautiful notebooks to put them in a cloth or leather fauxdori.  Even though cloth fauxdoris are made to be cute and are interchangeable like purses, I wanted something more.  I wanted something that could hold up to six notebooks in one book system.  Something that could show off all my cool notebooks.  Since I cared about keeping these notebooks I also wanted something that would protect them from weather, wear and tear of taking it in and out of my bags, and could help protect from spills of liquids.  Another personal reason to make a fauxdori like this is my morals of being cruelty free.  I can say not a single precious soul that has a face was harmed in the process of my fauxdori.  All of the key ingredients have come together to make the perfect fauxdori!  And I know that’s a big thing to say, but I believe this is the best thing to protect your notebooks out there.

If you love to decorate things and like the idea of having a fauxdori that you change out seasonly, think about how those notebooks inside are seasonal as well.  Motivation to fill those up with brain dumps every day.  Getting a new notebook every season is also very exciting and a happy experience.  Lets not forget about all those stickers!  A ClearDori can be decorated with stickers or markers.  Make a fauxdori for every season. Or since it is made of a durable material it can be cleaned with anything to get those stickers and markings off.

– 1″ inch binding
– holds 6 notebooks easily
– protects notebooks from weather and spills
– show cases all your notebooks in one place
– easy to clean
– eyelets for durability
– cruelty free

This is the ClearDori!  It is now in my shop. I hope you all love it as much as I do.  And please share with me on all your social media how you are using your ClearDori.  You can tag me on Instagram with @corrineelizabeth_3 and tag #ClearDori so I get notified right away!

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Launching the Release of The ClearDori

For Corrine: My Christmas list of Ideas 2015

SimpleStructure Tab Paper Sorter • $29
Nate BerkusTM Tabletop File with 5 pc Hanging Folders • $12.99
Nate BerkusTM Ceramic Marble Ring Dish • $7.99
Copper Soft Cover Folio • Poppin • $14
Poppin ® copper card case • $5.95
Threshold® Copper Task Lamp with White Marble Base -ThresholdTM • Threshold • Sold Out
Nate BerkusTM Hanging File Folders • Household Essentials • Sold Out
Nate BerkusTM Stainless Steel Scissors • $16.99
Threshold® ThresholdTM Tape Dispenser French Bulldog • Threshold • $12.99
Nate BerkusTM Limited Edition Swingline 747 Stapler • $15.99
Nate BerkusTM File Folders • $5.99
Tarte Tartelette 2 In Bloom Amazonian Clay Palette • Tarte • $45
Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed – Champagne Pop • Becca • $38
Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator • Anastasia Beverly Hills • $28
Monarch Specialties Reclaimed-Look and Tempered Glass Sofa Table in Dark Taupe • $116.45
We R Memory Keepers Cinch Book Binding Tool • Sold Out
Merona® Women’s Merona® Dial Watch with Decorative Subdials – RoseGold/Mint • Merona • Sold Out
Retro Handset – Rose Gold Liquid • Amazon • $16.99
AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator • Amazon • $21.65
AmazonBasics Thermal Laminating Pouches • Amazon • $14.88
Silhouette Printable White Sticker Paper • Amazon • $4.49
Essie Nail Color, Penny Talk • Essie • $8.50
Essie Nail Color, Sew Psyched • Essie • $8.50

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