Feelin like I’m 14 again – Retro Gold Phone

Retro Gold Phone

This is for all you 80’s kids! I mean adults, haha.  Who remembers having a cord phone in the main common areas at home and having to call friends/classmates to practice formally dressing the call and asking if the person was available?

I personally HATE talking on the phone. I always have.

I found this really cute retro phone that is available in MANY colors!  I was interested in it for it’s purpose of making me feel more professional.  Office jobs still use desk phones that have cords. If you work from home you have take your cell phone and make it feel like a part of your office’s desk environment. I also find it a lot of fun and exciting to use. It looks great with my aesthetic and takes my phone to the office professional level when necessary.

If you would like to get one for yourself please use my link.
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