Mirina Collections Review

Mirina Collections ReviewI want to talk about this necklace I just got in.  This necklace is called the ‘VIOLA‘ from MirinaCollections.com.  I am very petite in my neck line and shoulder area.  Use that as a reference to gauge the size of this necklace on you.

The piece its self is so gorgeous to me.  This necklace reminds me of chandeliers. And BOY do I LOVE chandeliers!! So of course I needed to hang one around my neck.  I like that it can ‘classify’ any outfit.  Here I am just wearing a white tee shirt and blue jeans.  You can dress the look up even more by stacking their necklaces!!  How cool is that?  The necklace feels very sturdy.  I do not feel the need to worry about breaking it during normal wear or storing it.  My next purchase will be from the VIP jewels collection.  I like having an extra ring for when I night need to take my wedding band off or I think it would make a great promise ring from a boyfriend.  Or if you are on a really tight budget it is still a beautiful engagement ring.  No one ever said you had to have diamonds.  Their styles are trending right now from a pear cut to the princess cut.  And might I add, valentines day is approaching so get your orders in now!

The company Mirina is based in Miami, Florida.  All the necklaces are handcrafted when purchased extending the delivery time.  Items take three to four weeks to make and then another week or more depend where you live to ship. (They ship internal ladies!)  That time frame will vary based on how many orders are in their que.  I also ordered mine during the holidays, haha oops!  Their necklaces are not mass produced so each one is specially made to order.

If you use the coupon code ‘corrine20’ at check out you can save 20% on your order!  That code can be used site wide!  It does not cost you anything additional by using my code, it helps support me and my efforts to bring quality content.

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Mirina Collections Review

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