Thirsty Thursday Mixology Wood Dice

Thirsty Thursday Mixology Wood DiceI rolled:

  • vodka
  • agave
  • creme de cassis
  • lemon
  • cherry
  • sage
  • cloves peach bitters

Since I have my bartenders license I really wanted to go all wild crazy and out with this.  I choose to be adventurous!  And roll all the dice and see what drink I could make!  There’s instructions to do 2 parts liquor and one part the other ingredients.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, but I’m a little bit of a light weight. When a drink is too strong for your liking at the moment, spritz it!  To do that just add lemon soda to taste.

These would be not only great dice to entertain guests for a fun night at your fancy shmansy bar cart you spent sprucing up, but this would be a great gift for any holiday or time of the year for the person that is too hard to shop for. Like the friends and family who “have it all”.  To purchase or look at Foodie Dice and mason jar shakers check out these wood dice.Thirsty Thursday Mixology Wood Dice

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